Ranger PICK...

Versatile picking applications expands options for workforce-assisted or fully autonomous order fulfilment.

Ranger PICK is an automated picking system that gives low entry investment advantages whilst being highly expandable, making it very futureproof. It works seamlessly with the Ranger GTP Robot to give a fully automated piece picking and delivery solution in a warehouse or goods handling, working environment. Its robotic arm can pick, process, consolidate, and prepare orders. It is perfect for eCommerce warehouse automation as it works collaboratively with human operators to fulfil orders, increasing picking productivity and can even operate from the same workstation.

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Ranger PICK performs at every level...

The Ranger Pick’s sophisticated machine vision algorithm enables highly accurate identification of more than 100,000 SKUs. It’s machine learning continuously refines and optimises how Ranger PICK grasps and moves different SKU variations to speed performance across things like sizes, shapes, weights and surface finishes. A reliable workforce assistant that teams with Ranger GTP to accelerate pick-to-pack throughput.

The Ranger Pick includes the following additional features:

  • Automated barcode scanning validates items picked.
  • Continuously updates the Fulfilment Operating System.
  • Available in Single Arm and Dual Arm configurations.
  • The two-arm system expands picking volume and versatility.
  • Collaboratively works with human teams or it can operate autonomously 7/24/365.